Hi everyone reading our story (maybe just you, Mum)!

We’re Patricia and Adam.

It’s always hard to figure out what would make us happy. All we know is that while reading the blogs and watching the videos of other bike tourers we feel so happy and proud and also kind of jealous. So why couldn’t we do it too?

We’re new to bike touring, but have some vagabonding travel experience. Our longest trip so far was a two months – 4.500 km-s hitchhiking tour in the Balkans.
It was somewhere in Greece where the first seeds of bicycle touring were planted in our minds. Carrying our awfully heavy backpacks we looked enviously at Pjotr, the Polish cyclist guy we met on the road who didn’t have the same boundaries as us on foot. The bicycle seems perfect: carries the weight for you, goes fast enough to cross many countries without much concerns about overstaying your visa, but slow enough to really see and experience all those places you pass by. And the freedom it gives…

Our philosophy during the time spent riding will be to welcome adventure. To use our intuition instead of choosing.  To us trust is a key component but so is caution in life, but we must realise as humans we’re are all capable of acting without choosing, without fear. Sometimes all that’s needed is a change of scenery, a change of habits or a slight push out the door of our warm comfort zone.

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