Resources for wannabe bicycle tourers

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Planning this tour was super exciting. It was the most inspiring thing to follow other bicycle tourers’ adventures. We’ve watched countless videos and read innumerable blog entries of brave wanderers. We’d like to share with you some of the pages that were helpful to us in the planning. We aren’t affiliated to any of these websites just want to share them with you because we appreciate how much knowledge they gave us.

Crazy guy on a bike  is a free, independent website for hosting bicycle touring journals, forums and resources. You can think of any place in the world and here you’ll find somebody who has been there by bicycle! From tales on the road, through advices about gear till tips on safety we’ve read a lot of articles here. It’s really easy to find advice from real people in any topic. 10/10 would recommend it to anyone interested in cycle touring!

A big shout out to Sheldon Brown and his website. Vast amount of technical info written in awesome style. With the help of this site we were able to set up our second hand bikes for the journey by ourselves and we learnt the essentials of bicycle maintenance. A must-read for every cyclist.

360 fok bringa is about a Hungarian couple’s four year long honeymoon around the world on recumbents. They have already finished their beautiful journey when we started to think about ours so any time we hit a wall during planning we could look up how our compatriots did it. The blog is primarily in Hungarian, but even if you don’t speak it it’s worth reading their English summaries of the tour.

Jin started her solo bicycle tour around the world in 2011 and still going. The strength of this fragile-looking Korean girl immediately impressed me. She posts useful travel guides, journals about each country with many photos and some interesting videos.


Some more useful links:, borders and security updates


Silk Road Border crossings: we won’t follow this route long, but it was still useful World conflict map


For navigation:

obviously, less userfriendly than google, but it has some good features we’ll upload our itineraries on the offline maps of this app shows airfares to every destination from a city on a map and it’s a good tool to compare prices of different airlines (I wouldn’t use it for booking though)