Hungary, so long and thanks for all the flat land

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A few km-s before the Serbian border the rain started to fall heavily so we looked for shelter. Now we’re sitting under a house on stilts on the river bank.

This is the first time we had to stop because of rain. So far we only had to hide from the strong sunshine. Our routine is waking up early, ride, have breakfast and ride more until the heat is bearable. Then we find a quiet spot to relax until 3-4 pm, after that we can be on the sun again. This way we pedal around 50 km a day. We chose to get into it slowly in order to avoid pain and so far it worked well – no pain in the legs or ass.
Hungary is an awesome place to start bicycle touring. We’re grateful for the flat terrain. The drivers are much better than I expected – 99% of them passed us very carefully. Thank you for that! Why am I afraid that it will only get worse? Also, we found a lot of unexpected bicycle paths along the way which is great.

Today we spotted a folding bike that had suitcases as rear panniers, a DIY ashtray in the front, an umbrella and a lot more stuff on it. When its owner came back we started to chat. It turned out that he’s been on the road for 7 months starting in Norwich, England. We asked him why. ‘Because it’s better than sitting at home’-he said. I couldn’t have put it better myself.