Budapest – Hanoi stats

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We traveled 17422 km from Budapest to Hanoi.
We flew 4157 km between Muscat and Delhi, and between Kathmandu and Bangkok.
We crossed the sea by ferry twice, altogether 268 km.
On land we sometimes used different kinds of transportation. We traveled 1050 km by train, bus and a hitchhiked truck.

And now let’s get to the point: we have cycled 11.947 km. Our daily average distance is 50 km. If we don’t count the rest days we pedal 60 km on average.

Sometimes we have to go well above that. We had 9 days when we cycled more than 100 km, our record is 122,31 km. We covered that distance in 6 and a half hours in Iran between Sain Qaleh and Buin Zahra.

These were our 5 longest days by distance:

Ride time

But this wasn’t the day when we rode for the longest time. In Turkey we spent 7:58 in our saddles between Yeniköy and Derbent because we couldn’t find a place to sleep. At last the locals let us crash in the mosque that night.

In 239 days we cycled 838 hours 54 minutes.
There were 38 days when we didn’t ride at all.
On the 201 active days our average ride time was 4 hours 12 minutes.


Our bicycle computer didn’t measure elevation so we estimated this according to the map.
We’ve climbed 60970 meters so far.


We also keep track of the places where we sleep at night.

Thanks to some kind people we’ve been hosted for 14 nights. We never use Couchsurf or Warmshowers so these were always personal invitations from strangers we met. Mostly we were guests at the home of a family, but there were more unusual cases, for example when we slept on the floor of a car wash.

We spent 105 nights at paid accommodations. In Europe and the Middle East we hardly ever went to hotels, but starting from India most of the time we didn’t have any other choice.

We camped 120 times. Most often we pitched our tent, but on the hottest days we just slept outside.

Our record in camping is 18 consecutive days. We pulled this off in Georgia and Armenia where we often bathed in creeks and we showered at a beach so I can’t say that this was also a record of most days without showering.




We don’t have any other statistics, but since we’re talking numbers we collected some random facts:

We swam in 3 seas (Black sea, Persian gulf, Gulf of Oman)
We lost and found each other 4 times
We had 7 flats
We met and talked with 24 bicycle tourers
39 days was the longest time spent in one country (India)
We were vegetarians for 45 consecutive days (after eating meat accidentally we continued it for a while)
Our maximum speed was 68 km/h
3132 m was the highest point we reached by bike (Jalori pass)

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