Budapest – Hanoi stats

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Distance We traveled 17422 km from Budapest to Hanoi. We flew 4157 km between Muscat and Delhi, and between Kathmandu and Bangkok. We crossed the sea by ferry twice, altogether 268 km. On land we sometimes used different kinds of transportation. We traveled 1050 … Continued

Ready, steady, go!

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Summer is here so it’s time to start our long-long summer holiday. Our first day of cycling started from our home in Budapest and led to Adam’s family. It was a pleasant, uneventful 53 km, partly on the Eurovelo 6 … Continued

3 months to go!

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We started to plan the trip a really long time ago. The goal of a thorough plan was to see if what we had in mind was feasible. Having an itinerary, an estimated budget and lots of information about visas … Continued

Hello world!

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Soon we’re starting our bike tour so we created this page to collect our stories on the road. If you’re interested in travel stories or curious how far we can get on our second-hand bicycles, follow our journey on this … Continued